Kgb Anthology

image On The Rocks: The KGB Bar Fiction Anthology, edited by Rebecca Donner, compiles stories from writers who are currently breaking new ground in literary fiction, and renowned writers whose celebrated work continues to evolve--all of whom have read their work at KGB.

The contributing authors include David Gates, Mary Gaitskill, Aimee Bender, Dale Peck, Victoria Redel, Philip Gourevitch, Max Ludington, Ben Marcus, Thom Jones, Elizabeth Tippens, Jonathan Lethem, Sylvia Foley, Dani Shapiro, Francine Prose, Jason Brown, Karen McKinnon, Victor LaValle, Joyce Carol Oates, Peter Ho Davies, and Judy Budnitz.

In this anthology, edgy, hard-bitten prose comes shoulder to shoulder with the lyrical and the fanciful, capturing the full range of voices in contemporary fiction. In subject and style, these stories roam far and wide, but they all share the spirit of a night at KGB: provocative, daring, and dynamic.

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